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Your “Veteran” Stories…

If you’d like to share stories of veterans in your life, we’d love to hear about those men and women that sacrificed themselves, their families, and in many cases, their lives. Or even just the stories of the men and women that fought in wars here and abroad and their courage and character.

No matter what we think politically or the viewpoints on many of the past and present wars, we need to respect and honor the people that served the country. If you’ve got a great story that could touch our readers, please do share!

One of the organizations we support – and feel strongly about – is the Wounded Warrior project. Too many soldiers come home injured, unable to find work, and finding it very difficult to put their lives back together after service. This organization is doing some wonderful things and if you can get involved, donate, or support in other ways, there are hundreds of thousands of men and women that would appreciate it!

Also, if you have another charity that you support that helps Veterans and their families, please do share it with our readers.

Important Documents

Here, you’ll find Important Documents that you’ll find helpful in your investing business.

To download the forms, you’ll need to mouse over the link and “right-click” and “save as”

pdf Iron Clad Addendum (Right Click & Save As)
pdf Assignment of Contract Addendum (Right Click & Save As)
pdf Addendum for “Subject To” Pre-Foreclosure Deal (Right Click & Save As)
pdf Addendum for Wrap-Around Mortgage (Right Click & Save As)
pdf Addendum for Seller Finance (Right Click & Save As)
pdf Addendum for Lease Option (As Buyer) (Right Click & Save As)
pdf Addendum for Lease Option (As Seller) (Right Click & Save As)
pdf Comparison of Purchase Option Techniques (Right Click & Save As)
pdf Letter of Intent (Right Click & Save As)
pdf Standard Contract for Purchase & Sale (Right Click & Save As)

5 Steps to Successful Real Estate Marketing

There are essentially 5 steps to being successful in real estate marketing. Before we go into the 5 steps of real estate marketing, I want to encourage you to become a student of marketing. The moment that you are able to find your own deals – on demand – the more money you will make! It’s a direct correlation. When I started out in real estate, I didn’t understand how to “really” market for deals. I was depending upon real estate agents, local real estate investing groups, etc. I did a lot of deals, but I realized I wasn’t making the kind of money I knew I could in estate.

Follow these five steps to successful real estate marketing and you’ll be on your way to filling your own funnel full of five-figure deals.

  1. Define Your Target Market:
    You must be focused… If you run in too many directions, focusing on too many real estate markets, you’ll always be skipping around, never getting ahead. You need to learn overcome objections; you need to know how to handle the different situations that arise. Once you master one market, then you can duplicate your system across market after market. For instance, you may choose to start working with foreclosures or out of state owners. Once you get the real estate marketing system in place for one, add the other. Then, you can simply duplicate it over and over again!The single most important thing to remember is that you MUST target motivated sellers…. PERIOD. Continue reading