“I Quit”

I recently read “The Dip”, by Seth Godin. It was a quick read, but one of those books that forces you to think… I mean REALLY think!

The concept in a nutshell is that it’s okay to quit if you’re on a dead end path. There’s a lot more to it, but that’s the gist of it.

The challenge I was then faced with after reading the book was what to focus on – and what to give up on… Now, I don’t really like the term quit or the concept of “giving up”, but there is a point where you make an educated – unemotional – decision about your life and your business. You cut all the ties that are holding you back and suddenly, you’re released from all the baggage and can focus!

Entrepreneurs often have similar strains of the same disease. We’re easily excited by new ideas, and consequently, easily distracted by the latest and greatest shiny object abandoning those things that we should be putting our effort into.

In the 18 months, we’ve:

• Created 19 different information products (in real estate and Internet Marketing)

• Acquired multiple properties

• Started negotiating short sales

• Started a new company for Realtors

• Launched a done for you product creation system for Internet Marketing

• Liquidated lots of real estate

• Launched a email service company

And more…

So, with the economy being set at a new “reality” and some things that have happened in our personal life, we realized that we had no choice but to cut things out (to “quit” if you will) and to re-focus our direction on 2-3 things that we not only love, but can really spend our time and effort to build and grow.

You see, we’ve spent the last 10 years working morning, noon, and night. We’ve made a ton of money and we’ve lost a lot of money. But, we’ve neglected a lot of the things that are important and we’ve gotten stuck in a rut because it’s consistent.

What’s even more important to realize is that things have changed. Things have changed in the marketplace. Things have changed for us personally. And things have changed in the economy.

I know that we always hear “Never Quit” or “Quitting Is Not An Option”. But that refers to giving up because you don’t want to do the work or because you’re struggling through something and you’ve got to keep on barreling through.

Think about it… If you own stock in a company that’s falling apart and it’s bankruptcy is inevitable, then you’re going to cut your losses and not hang on until the bitter end simply because you don’t want to be labeled a quitter!

Quitting is emotional.

HOWEVER, when you take emotion OUT of the equation and decide to cut your losses, you are making a well thought out CHOICE. You are not acting out of emotion but responding to factors and data that help you to make an informed and rational change in your life.

If you’re quitting because it’s uncomfortable, that’s a different story!

So, for now, start by picking up a copy of the book, “The Dip” and give it a quick read. Then, take a look at everything in your life that is taking your attention and decide where you are going to focus.

Once you’ve made that decision, then eliminate everything else. QUIT all the stuff that’s getting in the way and go for it! Give it everything you’ve got.

Stay focused. Occasionally pause to evaluate your course of action.

And then keep on going.

This is NOT a permission slip to give up and quit because things get hard, but rather permission to cut your losses when the time is right or when you wind up on a sinking ship!

Take some time to really look at where you are now and where you’re headed and what it’s going to take you to push through the “Dip” and reach your goals.

CAUTION: Once you’ve made your decision, stick with it. Close the door on everything else because there’s no turning back. Commit to you plan and follow through.

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  1. Mike Gibson

    Heather – I have 3-4 of your courses. With the economy looking like it’s going nowhere but south, if you had to choose between information/internet marketing and real estate, what would you choose? Or is there something else other than these 2 that you would consider?


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