Is It A Good Time to Buy Real Estate?

Nothing is harder to watch than seeing real estate investors simply watch the best market we’ve seen in countless years pass them right by.

If this is you, here are 5 concrete reasons why this market is the best we’ve seen in years and why now is the time to buy real estate.

  1. Rock Bottom Home Values
    Home values have plummeted. I don’t think anyone would argue here. And what does that mean for you…deals, deals, and even more deals! We have right now the best deals we’ve seen in the last decade or more.
  2. Cash Flow
    It also has gotten a lot easier in just about all markets to cash flow on properties. During the boom, many of the most popular markets across the country became virtually impossible to really cash flow. Now, not only is it a lot easier; but it’s expected!
  3. Real Motivated Sellers
    The real motivated sellers just raised their hands. What was considered a motivated seller 3-5 years ago was they were will to sell their house. Sure, there were some hard cases but they were far and few and took a lot of digging. Now, they are everywhere.
  4. Government Programs
    There are a number of government programs available to help new home buyers buy real estate and to help investors get into real estate for very little down and record low interest rates.
  5. Low Risk Strategies
    Terms have never been easier to negotiate; taking a lot of the risk and upfront money out of the game. You really can invest with very little to no money or risk at all.

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