Getting Things Done: What Is Your ‘Jabberwocky’?

“That is an excellent practice. However, just at the moment, you really might want to focus on the Jabberwocky.” ~ Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland.

We recently watched “Alice In Wonderland” and in one scene she turned to the Mad Hatter and said, “Sometimes I believe as many as 6 things before breakfast.”

The Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) replied, “That is an excellent practice. However, just at the moment, you really might want to focus on the Jabberwocky.”

Now… you’ll have to see the movie to put it all together, but when I heard it, I thought how much that scene relates to us as entrepreneurs.

So often, our minds are running in 100 different directions and we’re thinking of all the possibilities that surround us. We see new opportunities everywhere we turn and we dream about the potential of each.

However, when we spend our time focusing on all the “dreams” that surround us and the exciting opportunities that come our way in 1000 different directions, we often forget – or neglect – the “jabberwocky”.

And the jabberwocky is the thing that we have to face if we want to move forward with anything at all. If we don’t face the dragon that’s in front of us, it will eat us alive, destroy us. It will keep us from living the life we dream about.

So… my question to you is this:

What is your jabberwocky? What is the “stuff” that you need to get rid of TODAY so that you can focus on your future tomorrow… so that you can design the life that you desire?

The key here is to get it out of the way BEFORE you do anything else. Realize that you don’t always “slay” the jabberwocky in one fail swoop. Sometimes it takes days or even weeks. Sometimes it may take many months to overcome.

However, if you commit to a few minutes EVERY morning before you start your day to make positive progress on your jabberwocky, everything else will seem easier!

What I’ve found is that by taking just 30-60 minutes each morning to cut away at the thing(s) that’s holding me back and that’s creeping into every aspect of my life, I start my day with a feeling of accomplishment AND I know that I’ve taken a positive step towards overcoming what is holding me back.

When you take this approach, you’ll ? nd that quickly this “jabberwocky” falls and you’re able to begin focusing on the things that really matter – those six things YOU believe before breakfast… or at night when you’re falling asleep dreaming about what your life would be like if…

Just for fun… before you start this battle, think about those 6 things that are really, truly, important…

And remember… as soon as the jabberwocky is gone, you can begin focusing on all of them and start moving to make them your reality rather than things that simply exist in your dreams

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