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Bandit Signs to Wholesale Houses

Bandit Signs to Wholesale Houses

Bandit signs are highly effective when it comes to wholesaling houses. Lots of investors will use bandit signs to find motivated sellers, but few will use bandit signs to find buyers and sell property fast!

When using bandit signs to target buyers, here are some tips you can use to save time and money (We’ve spent thousands of dollars testing and tracking).

Types of Signs:
Use white or yellow 18×24 blank bandit signs. You’ll want to use the corrugated plastic ones that come with the metal stands.

Handwritten Bandit Signs vs. Preprinted
Hand write each sign in large, black, permanent marker. This allows you to change the message in real time. You don’t have to wait until you place your next order. And if you have actual properties, you can customize the message to reflect each deal. This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to sell property fast when you’ve got wholesale houses.

Once you have a message that converts well, you can have them printed with your handwriting. The handwritten signs generate higher responses as much as 2:1.

Bandit Sign Copywriting
This is a good time for a quick note on copy! Remember… bandit signs are just another form of advertising. You must have compelling copy the makes your prospect take action (i.e. Pick up the phone and call you!). Pay careful attention to creating an attention-grabbing headline. This is your one chance of capturing a prospect, so make it good! Then, you have about 2 lines of text to entice them. And finally, you must put your phone number in big, bold, numbers that they can see from the road.

Consider headlines like grab attention like: “Cheap Wholesale Houses” or “Need to Sell Property Fast!”

You’ll want to write a minimum of 10 signs at a time and put them out between 4 and 5pm. This way, people will see your signs on their commute home. Plus, code enforcement officers are generally off the clock by that time. Be sure to have a substantial amount out over the weekends because you’ll get good visibility and you won’t have to worry about codes throughout the weekend.

Hire someone to put them out for you!
This is the most dreadful part of the bandit sign strategy! So, eliminate it! You can go to and get people to do this for you dirt cheap ESPECIALLY if you are giving them consistent work.

Do not use your own phone number
Use a forwarding service where the number is non-traceable! These services allow you to screen through an answering machine or forward to your own number. You may want to send the leads to a call screening service.

Additionally, they will capture the call information so you can call back prospects that don’t leave a number. This sure beats using your own cell phone! Plus, this way, your local code enforcement officers can’t find you! (And yes, most code enforcement officers will make you take down your signs and/or threaten you with fines).

In a nutshell, bandit signs are one of the fastest, cheapest, and most effective medium that investors have at their disposal! Use them to sell an individual property fast or build a massive list of ready, willing, able and qualified buyers. This strategy works if you’re trying to wholesale houses AS WELL AS sell your own home fast!

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